Anna's Notary Service

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Certified Loan Signing Agent

As a Notary Loan Signing Agent, I provide the following services:

  • Same day Appointments
  • am a licensed, bonded, (E&O) insured and background screened,
  • I Meet with borrowers at convenient location of their choice
  • Experience & knowledge to identify loan documents for Borrowers
  • Obtain all signatures, initials and completion of documents
  • Notarize documents as required (Acknowledgments and Jurats)

Mobile Notary 

I provide mobile notary services to clients with busy schedules. 

You can rely on me to travel to any spot, which includes:

  • Homes
  • Business Establishments
  • Government Agencies

  • Hospitals
  • Senior Care/ Nursing Facilitates
  • Healthcare Centers 

  • Jails and Prisons
  • Courts
  • Public Areas
  • Local Coffee Shop

As a Notary Public, we notarize the following documents:

* Escrow Documents: Grant Deed, Deed of Trust, Quitclaim and Warranty Deeds, Occupancy Affidavit Compliance Agreement Correction Agreement Owner's Affidavit 
* Modification Agreement
 * Power of Attorney
Limited, Durable or Irrevocable
* Power of Attorney for Health Care/
Advance Health Care Directive, Trust or Living Trust, Living will
* DMV Documents:
VIN Verification, bill of sale, Application for Duplicate or Paperless Title

  • Passport Authentications Consent (for application for Passport for child under age 16) 
  • Application for copies of birth and death certificates                 
  • Travel consent Letters for Minor Child to Travel 
  • Child Custody Agreements and Adoption Papers
  • Business documents
  • Court -Filing Documents                     
  • Divorce documents
  • Affidavit Signature, Name Affidavit  
  • Rental Agreement
  • Spousal Waiver for liquidating a 401K
  • Jail Inmate documents facility             
  • Medical records 
  • Personal documents              
  • Traffic school tests   
Please note that there are many more types of documents that we can notarize here in our office, 
but that these are a few of the most commonly-seen documents that we encounter each week!

Any one of the following Valid Identifications (providing they are current) are acceptable:

California Driver’s License or  California Identification Card

Other State Driver’s License, Other State Identification card, Canada Driver’s License 

US Passport, Foreign Passports stamped by USCIS or US Military ID Card

Matricula Consular ID Card or Mexico Driver’s license

No current ID or driver license we can use 2 Two credible witness t

Inmate ID Card

Please complete all forms except signatures and notarized areas.